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Gregg Bonstein

Co-Owner / Head Brewer

Gregg Bonstein, Owner and Head Brewer, formerly a Quality Manager and Chemical Engineer left his day job back in Feb 2017 to pursue his dream of starting a craft brewery. He has since worked as a brewer at Triumph Brewing in New Hope and Blueprint Brewing in Harleysville. Taking classes at the Siebel Institute and getting certifications as a BJCP judge and Cicerone only cemented the fact that this was his passion.


Living in Newtown with his wife Sara of 11 years and their two boys 8 and 9, it was their dream to bring the first brewery to this historic and affluent town. 


Besides brewing, Gregg enjoys running, watching cheesy 80s movies, and telling people he's related to the Incredible Hulk.


Sara Bonstein

Co-Owner / Chief Financial Officer

Sara Bonstein, Owner and Head Business Lady, handles all of our financial, business, HR, and administrative duties. She comes with the chops to back it up too, as a seasoned strategic and financial executive with 15+ years of experience in the public biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry, where she has raised ~ Half a Billion Dollars in the capital marketplace and licensing deals. Currently, she serves as the Chief Financial Officer for a publicly-traded global biopharmaceutical company focusing on transforming the lives of patients with serious and rare diseases.


Partnered along with her husband Gregg, the Head Brewer, they make a great team and can't wait to bring a new fresh local business to Newtown that will be family owned and run.


Besides kicking butt in the business world, Sara enjoys taking classes at the NAC, chai lattes, and playing card games / board games with her two boys - anything to get them off the electronics!

David Palagi

Taproom General Manager

After relocating from New England, Dave joined Newtown Brewing Company as a bartender on day 1.  Now as our GM he is perfectly situated to take on the growth of the brewery.  


In his previous work life, Dave put to use his chemical engineering degree and MBA working in the biotech, pharma, medical device and software industries, specifically in process engineering, project management and business operations.  He has led project teams implementing solutions with Fortune 500 companies and has led international teams ranging from 25 to 100 people.  Utilizing these past experiences, as well as his passion for craft beer, he looks forward to providing a great team that will enhance the overall experience the customer has at Newtown Brewing Company.


Dave loves the continual search for great craft beer.  When traveling, even previously on business, he always visited breweries in the area.  He is a Cicerone Certified Beer Server, an avid rater on Untappd and enjoys following the latest trends in the industry.  When not working, he loves sports, golfing, cooking, home brewing, travelling and spending time with his wife, son and their dogs.