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​We have a rotating selection of Lagers, IPAs, Belgian, Wheat, Stouts, and fun experimental stuff! There is always something new and exciting to try, so come check us out!
All beers are poured fresh from our serving tanks.


Irish Pub Guinness Beer
Luck O' the Gritty

Initial sips from the Nitro pour of this Irish Dry Stout will come across creamy silky smooth with a med-full body. But for being full in body this is still a fairly light beer and readily drinkable, coming in with low ABV and low calories.

Roasted malt with coffee and bittersweet chocolate flavors are the showcase in this brew. A medium high bitterness level and bone-dry finish, that even with all of the roasted barley, the bitterness is not overdone and doesn’t come across harsh, but instead gives the brew a pleasant balance and drinks smooth.


ABV 4.3% // 33 IBUs

O.G. 1.045 // F.G. 1.013 

Breakfast Stout pic.JPG
Milk Was a Bad Choice - This is Better

Chocolate Coffee Breakfast stout with creamy tan colored head and medium-full body with velvety smooth texture. Lactose (milk sugar) and fresh cacao give this a chocolate sweetness, along with fresh roasted coffee beans. A much better choice than milk - you'll want to have this one for Breakfast and all day long.


ABV 7.1% // 30 IBUs

O.G. 1.063 // F.G. 1.008 

Imperial Chocolate Stout.JPG
Russian Imperial Stout

Origins trace back to strong English porters brewed for export in the 1700s that were said to have been popular with the Russian Imperial Court. Rich and oily-thick, this is a huge, complex beer, heavy on flavor and aroma. Intense roast flavors with chocolate, coffee, dark stone fruit, dark caramel, and rich bready melanoidon. The fullness and complexity of flavors take several seconds to fully play out, but is well worth the wait. 


ABV 9.2% // 50 IBUs

O.G. 1.082 // F.G. 1.012

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