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​We have a rotating selection of Lagers, IPAs, Belgian, Wheat, Stouts, and fun experimental stuff! There is always something new and exciting to try, so come check us out!
All beers are poured fresh from our serving tanks.


Oktoberfest Lager

Based on the Marzen style, this is an elegant, malty German amber lager with a clean, rich, toasty and bready malt flavor, restrained bitterness, and a dry finish that encourages another drink. The style was first served at Oktoberfest in Austria in 1872, a tradition that lasted until 1990 when the golden Festbier was adopted as the standard festival beer.


ABV 5.8% // 23 IBUs

O.G. 1.056 // F.G. 1.012 

Pumpkin Ale

Pumpkin Pie in a glass … perfect for that cool night or fireside gathering this brew is essential in the Fall season. An amber ale with fresh pumpkin and a multitude of delightful spices such as fresh ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and cardamom.


ABV 5.9% // 19 IBUs

O.G. 1.063 // F.G. .018

Winter Warmer

A strong, dark, spiced beer with a rich body and warming finish which is an epic indulgence that will keep you warm during the winter months. Boasting a complexity of flavors from nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla beans, coriander, cloves, and orange peel. Like drinking a spicy, flavorful chocolate milkshake.


ABV 6.9% // 27 IBUs

O.G. 1.076 // F.G. 1.024 

Experimental Series

Tequila Lime Gose

If you love Margaritas, you'll love this one!

A crisp, refreshing brew that you can drink a lot of without being on the floor like a traditional Margarita. The acidity of the lime and prickly spiced notes of oak soaked in Tequila compliments the salty tartness of the Gose style.


Alc. 5.6% // 13 IBUs 
O.G. 1.055  // F.G. 1.013

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