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​We have a rotating selection of Lagers, IPAs, Belgian, Wheat, Stouts, and fun experimental stuff! There is always something new and exciting to try, so come check us out!
All beers are poured fresh from our serving tanks.

Light Lagers


Originated from beer brewed in Plzen in Czech Republic since 1842. In Czech Republic, only Pilsner Urquell is called a Pilsner despite how widely adopted beer style is today. Rich pale lager with complex malt flavors and pronounced but soft bitterness. Well balanced and refreshing.


ABV 5.1% // 37 IBUs

O.G. 1.049 // F.G. 1.010 

Helles Lager

Clean, malty, gold-colored German lager with a smooth grainy-sweet malty flavor and a soft, dry finish. Subtle spicy, floral hops and restrained bitterness help keep balance malty but not too sweet. Refreshing, everyday brew.


ABV 4.9% // 22 IBUs

O.G. 1.050  // F.G. 1.012 


Since 1990, the majority of beer served at Oktoberfest in Munich has been this style (as opposed to the Marzen style most Americans refer to as 'Oktoberfest' beer). Paulaner first created this golden version in the mid-1970s because they thought the traditional Oktoberfest was too filling. A smooth, clean, pale German lager with a moderately strong malty flavor and a light hop character.


ABV 5.3% // 18 IBUs

O.G. 1.052 // F.G. 1.012 

Mexican Lager

Developed as an imitation of American style lagers, or as a more accessible (and often drier and less bitter) version of a Pilsner-type beer. A pale lager without strong flavors, well balanced with smooth, soft crackery character and slight corny sweetness. Thirst quenching with light body and very drinkable.


ABV 4.6% // 23 IBUs

O.G. 1.047 // F.G. 1.012 

Other Light Ales


Although technically characterized as an ale, it is as close to a lager as you can get as a top fermented lagered beer. Originally brewed in Cologne, Germany (Koln) since the Middle Ages, but developed into the beer known as Kolsch in the late 1800s to compete with bottom fermented pale lagers. Clean, crisp delicately balanced beer with very subtle sweetness and hop character.


ABV 4.9% // 21 IBUs

O.G. 1.047 // F.G. 1.009 

Blonde Ale

The American Blonde Ale (or sometimes referred to as Golden Ale) is more or less a creation from the craft-brewery movement, but reminiscent of the German style Kolsch. Blonde Ale originated in North America by craft beer brewers and is closely related to traditional mass market lagers, originally intended as a way of transitioning mass market consumers to craft beers. 

Well balanced and clean with a med-low sweet bready malt up front with a bit of toastiness and a low spicy grassy hop flavor at the end. Finishes dry and clean. Very refreshing brew that is an enjoyable pint without aggressive flavors.


ABV 5.4% // 18 IBUs

O.G. 1.057 // F.G. 1.016