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​We have a rotating selection of Lagers, IPAs, Belgian, Wheat, Stouts, and fun experimental stuff! There is always something new and exciting to try, so come check us out!
All beers are poured fresh from our serving tanks.

Belgian / Wheat Beers

Lemon Basil Saison preview pic.jpg
Lemon Basil Saison

Fresh basil leaves lend a vibrant pepperiness that blends perfect with the Saison yeast. Amarillo and Cascade hops give a burst of Citrus to make this brew a refreshing thirst quencher almost like a lemon flavored iced tea.


ABV 6.0% // 22 IBUs

O.G. 1.058 // F.G. 1.012

Hefeweizen profile pic.jpg

Traditional Bavarian wheat beer with a cloudy pale straw appearance. Fresh bready, grainy aromas and flavors that are balanced with a touch of spicy cloves.


ABV 4.8% // 16 IBUs

O.G. 1.049 // F.G. 1.013 

Belgian Witbier pic.jpg

A 400 yr old Belgian style that died out in the 1950s; it was later revived by Pierre Celis at Hoegaarden. Spices of freshly ground coriander and Curacao (orange peel) complement the sweet aroma making this a refreshing, tasty wheat ale.


ABV 5.2% // 17 IBUs

O.G. 1.054 // F.G. 1.014

Fly You Fools

Belgian Dubbel is an Abbey ale brewed by monks in Monasteries dating back to the Middle Ages. A medium strength deep reddish copper ale which has lots of complexity and character showcasing stone fruits like cherry and raisin as well as citrus, burnt sugar and spicy cloves.


ABV 7.1% // 21 IBUs

O.G. 1.068 // F.G. 1.014 

Berliner Weisse

A regional specialty of Berlin; referred to by Napoleon's troops in 1809 as "the Champagne of the North". Very pale, refreshing, low-alcohol German wheat beer with a clean lactic sourness and high carbonation level. Very approachable, fresh and light for a sour beer. A gateway sour beer for those not typically inclined to try one.


ABV 3.2% // 6 IBUs

O.G. 1.030 // F.G. 1.005

Raspberry Wheat

This 'framboise' style wheat ale combines the tart flavor of raspberries with the fruity, spicy notes from fermentation. The wheat malt produces a cloudy haze that is turned red by the juice of the raspberries. Cloudy, but crisp and refreshing, this brew is the perfect thirst quencher.


ABV 4.5% // 19 IBUs

O.G. 1.044 // F.G. 1.011 

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